PRAYERS FOR HUMBOLDT Sorrow and sirens rang through the air, On that fateful night. Some parents lost their beloved boys, While others screamed in fright.   The sport that makes our country shine That makes Canada so proud, We grieve in every Province now, Saying mournful prayers out loud.   Phone calls no parent should… Continue reading HUMBOLDT


A Daughter’s Ode to Her Abuser

THE DEATH OF A MONSTER The flash in her eye, the sting of her tears, The pain she has felt for the past 40 years, She stood at the casket and sighed in relief. He isn’t worth a short moment of grief.   Now she can move on, the monster is dead, She can take back… Continue reading A Daughter’s Ode to Her Abuser


The skinny from the perspective of a child care professional and Licensing Officer for childcare regulations   THE FIRST 100 DAYS OF LIFE: EARLY CHILDHOOD AND THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPER CARE Every parent looks at their new baby with hopes, dreams and ambitions for success stories. Even as a new mother holds her newborn for… Continue reading DAYCARES OR DAYHOMES FOR YOUR CHILD’S CARE?