About Marley’s Haus

Welcome to my page!

I have recently decided to try my hand at Freelance writing and have been spending the last few months, researching, searching, exploring and, lets face it, OBSESSING over how to launch a new “writing career”. I have always been a writer, as a form of expressing myself, and this year I have made the decision to put myself out here, on the wide world of internet writing. 

 As I sort through the websites and pages and advice columns online, I cannot help but feel slightly overwhelmed and intimidated by the amount of talent that is already involved in the capacity of Product Reviews, Creative Writing, Journalling, Blogging, Content Writing and SEO Writers! So many success stories and so many people who have quit their FULLTIME “regular” jobs, to join the world of Online Freelancing. This is going to be a FUN new challenge for me and I look forward to embracing it. 

I have already started dabbling in Publishing my writing, however, up until now, I didn’t have a home base to work from, so this is it. I look forward to hearing from readers of my blogs, reviews and articles and sharing a side of me that not many people in my world have seen. 



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